Commercial Locksmith Salt Lake City

Our Technicians are fully trained and certified in accordance and compliance to ADA and Fire code regulations. We service small offices and large corporations alike. We are the most trusted commercial Locksmith in salt lake city.

Commercial Locksmith Salt Lake City

Commercial Locksmith Services we provide in Salt Lake City:


  • Lockout Services – Customers who are locked out of their office, commercial building, desk or file cabinet can call us 24 hours a day. One of our professional and knowledgeable locksmiths will come to where you are and unlock your property quickly.
  • Repair or replace computerized master-key systems– High security computerized master-key systems can be tricky for some locksmiths, but are easy jobs for us. We can re-key and install lock sets of all levels of security, as our locksmiths are equipped with the tools that make the job simple.
  • Install or replace deadbolts and lock sets– Customers who need their deadbolts and lock sets in their office changed or re-keyed can rely on us to ensure their safety and offer security. Our trained and experienced locksmiths are qualified to handle even the most complicate lock systems.
  • Install and re-key high security deadbolts and lock sets – High security deadbolts and lock sets are easy jobs for us. We can re-key and install lock sets of all levels of security, as our locksmiths are equipped with the tools that make the job simple.
  • Install mechanical push button locks– For those who have electronic or mechanical door locks in their office, you know that the buttons get stuck from time to time or the unit malfunctions. Our locksmiths understand the operational mechanics behind these locks, and you can count on us to come to your home and repair or replace your push button lock.
  • Install entry intercom systems– If you want an intercom system installed in your office, we can get the job done. Our locksmiths are extensively trained to install even the most intricate systems without causing damage to your business building or causing electrical interference.
  • Open and replace desk and file cabinet locks – If your desk or file cabinet lock will not open or is jammed, our locksmiths have the tools to get it unlocked quickly without breaking the furniture or damaging the lock unnecessarily. If the lock is damaged, we can repair or replace it right on the spot.
  • Install fire and emergency hardware– if you need the hardware used to signal fire and emergency alarms installed in your building, call our locksmiths. They will come out, assess the job and give you an affordable quote. They can get the job done there on the spot, saving you time and money.
  • Repair and install exit alarms– Fire alarms are connected to the locks of the corresponding door inside office buildings, and once the locks are installed, the alarms must be connected. Our locksmith are trained to install the alarm and lock connection. If there re repairs needed, then they can handle those as well.
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