Lock Repair Salt Lake City

There are many lock repair needs for a locksmith. When you are in need of lock repair in Salt Lake City

Lock repair Salt Lake City

Lock repair services we offer include:


  • Lockout service-if you find yourself locked out of your car, truck, apartment, house, office or commercial building, you can call us at all hours of the night. One of our professional and skilled locksmiths will come directly to you and unlock your property quickly.
  • Decorative door hardware- Sometimes, we want to change the look and feel to our entrances and exits. By simply upgrading the handles and locks, you can make your doors take on a different look. We are fully qualified to make those changes for you so the job looks professional and neat.
  • Lock cylinders re-keyed, master-keyed and keyed alike- Customers who need their cylinders re-keyed, master-keyed or keyed alike can rely on us to ensure their safety and offer security. Our trained and experienced locksmiths are qualified to handle even the most complicate lock systems.
  • Install and re-key high security lock sets and deadbolts- High security deadbolts and lock sets can be tricky for some locksmiths, but are easy jobs for us. We can re-key and install lock sets of all levels of security, as our locksmiths are equipped with the tools that make the job simple.
  • Electronic and mechanical push button locks installed- For those who have electronic or mechanical door locks on their home, you may have noticed that the buttons get stuck from time to time or the unit malfunctions. Our locksmiths understand the operational mechanics behind these locks, and you can count on us to come to your home and repair or replace your push button lock.
  • Storm security door locks- For those who want just a little added protection to their home, you may be considering installing a security screen door. This will prevent anyone from being able to get through the door. Call our locksmiths to install the lock on the door to further ensure your home is secure.
  • Entry panel and intercom systems installed- If you want an intercom system installed in your home, we can get the job done. Our locksmiths are extensively trained to install these systems without causing damage to your home or causing electrical interference.
  • Break-in repairs- If you house has been broken into, it is important to repair the locks or replace them immediately to avoid further loss. Call us immediately so we can make all the necessary repairs and replacements to ensure it never happens again.
  • Peephole installation- Some doors come with a peephole already installed, but if yours does not, we can come and install one. The job takes only a few hours and we will make sure the job looks professional.
  • Sliding glass door locks installed, repaired and replaced- Sliding glass door require a special level of patience and technique because they can be a little tricky for some locksmiths to install or repair. Our locksmiths are trained and skilled at replacing and repairing sliding door locks. Call us today and we will get the door working like new in no time.
  • Mailbox locks- If your mailbox lock will not open or is jammed, our locksmiths have the tools to get it unlocked quickly without breaking the mailbox or damaging the lock unnecessarily. If the lock is damaged, we can repair or replace it right on the spot.
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